Consciousleaf No.1: Cerebral Blend

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Consciousleaf No.1:
Cerebral Blend

Top Notes: Blue Lotus, Damiana, Mullein, & Rose

Our Consciousleaf No.1 is an intentional blend of herbs that brings forth a relaxing, elevated, lighthearted vibe, while activating the third eye. Such herbs have been used by our ancestors ceremonially for therapeutic and spiritual practices through tea steeping and ritual smoking. 


Smoke: Use this to Amplify your current smoking rituals by grinding herbs together, or Alternate into your practice to create balance for a new alternative.

Best enjoyed with our organically sourced Rose Cone for ease and a gentle activation of the heart chakra.

Steep: 1-2 teaspoons per 8oz of water, use just below boiling water and steep for 3 minutes. Add a pinch of himalayan salt, honey and lemon to taste.
Be mindful of the duration to avoid over-strong infusions.

Use products consciously and intuitively. 

Mullein・Marshmallow Root・Raspberry LeafDamiana・Lobelia Leaf・Mugwort・Motherwort・Uva Ursi・Scullcap・Rose・Blackberry Leaf・Hyssop・Gotu Kola・Wormwood・Blue Lotus・Licorice Root