Lé Trois Apothecary:
A spiritual wellness company redefining
the altar with incense + intentions.

As a QWOC company, we believe it is vital for everyone to have access to healing regardless of their background, socioeconomic level, or education. We want to create a space where everyone is seen, heard, and represented.

Using the ritual of ancient remedies, our handmade incense and other metaphysical goods are intuitively created with intentions to promote and aid in spiritual wellness. Our work gives us an opportunity to celebrate different modalities of healing as we strive to decolonize ancient rituals, and offer these practices to all communities.

Liz + Lloren

Both from a diverse lineage; incense, crystals, and practice become an integral part of their spirituality. Embracing their ancestral guides, the duo utilizes these innate connections to share their healing and serve community.

For Lloren, she began blending to express her intuition. Starting with teas and tinctures from overlooked cabinet gems. To her first incense blends made of handpicked chaparral and eucalyptus from the Santa Monica Mountains in Calabasas. Her favorite memory was secretly creating smoke baths in her room as a kid.

For Liz, she can still hear the sound of tiny bells echoing while rockhounding the Utah mountains. Her Aunt would tie bells to her shoelaces so she could hear her while they dug for quartz and topaz. Together, they practiced the ancient rituals of their ancestors.


Lé Trois honors the No.3, a number we believe to be a source of power. In 1 we find solitude, while 2 constructs a binary, 3 creates a pattern. Our products are designed to incorporate healthy patterns of mindfulness, breath-work, and introspection. Thus allowing us to manifest our innate power, one intention at a time.

May this align with the intentions you seek to set.

With Gratitude,
Liz + Lloren