Lé Trois Apothecary:
A spiritual wellness company honoring
ancient rituals with incense + intentions.

As a QPOC company, we believe it is vital for everyone to have access to healing regardless of their background, socioeconomic level, or education. With the alliance and support of other practitioners of color, we strive to decolonize ancient rituals and reconnect communities back to their ancestral practices.

Liz + Lloren

Owners and spouses, both are from a diverse lineage where incense, crystals, and practice are an integral part of their spirituality. The duo utilizes their innate gifts to offer self discovery within community.

For Lloren (ze/zir), Inglewood native, Calabasas raised; ze began blending to express intuition and connect with their lineage. Starting with teas and tinctures from overlooked cabinet gems, to their first incense blends made of handpicked chaparral and eucalyptus from the Santa Monica Mountains. They hold space for their ancestral guides in every creation, hoping to bridge plant power of the past with our present.

For Liz (she/her), the ambiguous kid in Salt Lake City, she grew up making potions and rockhounding with her Aunt in the Utah Mountains. Of Caribbean descent (Puerto Rican/Trinidadian), plant medicine is the unspoken connection in her lineage, finding her way back to these ancestral practices is her life's work.


Lé Trois honors the No.3, a number we believe to be a source of power. In 1 we find solitude, while 2 constructs a binary, 3 creates a pattern. Our products are designed to incorporate healthy patterns of mindfulness, breath-work, and introspection. Thus allowing us to manifest our innate power, one intention at a time.

May this align with the intentions you seek to set.

With Gratitude,
Liz + Lloren