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Ritual Cleansers

Handcrafted for the modern altar, our cleansers prepare you for your burning or daily ritual*. The Ritual Cleanser uses essential botanical oils to shift one into a space of intention. This perfume-grade spritz can be used on the body or environment to help shift one into a space of intention.
Available Ritual Cleansers and Intentions:
No. 1 Release- Removes stuck energy that no longer serves.
No. 2 Manifest- Brings-forth desired energy while stimulating heart chakra.
*Begin by placing one spray in each palm, rub together, take 3 deep inhales, set intentions.

Blends + Burners

Hand-curated Burning Blends are coal-burning incense. The most ancient and traditional way of burning, Lé Trois Apothecary’s Burning Blends are a unique way to connect with your mind, body, and spirit. Take time to set intentions, reset the vibe in your home, and provide a sensuous smell throughout the entire space. Blends are available in our original 1 oz. bottle or grande 3.5 oz. Amplify your intentions further by completing your Kit* with a consciously, ethically and intentionally sourced Crystal Burner.**
*All kits include 1 oz. of selected Burning Blend, Sand Noir, 4 coals, beautifully packaged in a burlap bag adorned with an obsidian arrowhead for added protection.
** A Crystal Burner is vessel used to ignite and amplify your Burning Blends.


An intentional blend of 16 herbs to bring forth a conscious shift. Our ancestors have ceremonially used such herbs for therapeutic and spiritual practices through tea steeping and ritual smoking.

Top Notes: Blue Lotus, Damiana, Mullein, & Rose

Consciousleaf No.1 is an intentional blend of herbs that brings forth a relaxing, elevated, yet lighthearted vibe, while activating the third eye.

Available in 7g, 27g, and Pre-Rolled Rose Cones