You've got your Burning Blends, your Burner and you're ready to set some intentions.
Chances are, you might have some questions. Here's what clients typically run into:

How to burn?

1. Place burner on a solid surface (ceramic, glass, metal)

2. Pour sand into the burner then place your coal vertically

3. Ignite coal ensuring a consistent rippling spark

4. Allow coal to turn at least 25% white (breathwork helps)

5. Sprinkle a dime size of Burning Blend around the sides of the coal*

6. Set intentions

Do not clean out the burner every burn, the ash provides airflow and conducts heat. When the burner is full, scoop out excessive ash to provide more burning room until you're ready for a complete refresh.

*Leaving space between the coal and blend will provide a slow, consistent burn.

Why won’t my coal light?

In most cases, it’s the lighter being used. Butane torches work best and light the coals thoroughly and fast. You can purchase these at any of our pop-up shops.

Why won’t my coal stay lit?

Improper lighting can cause the coal to not stay lit. Waiting for the coal to reach at least a 25% gray color ensures the coal is fully lit. Putting the Burning Blend on prematurely smothers the coal, stopping it from burning.

How long does one coal last?

Typically 2 hours, sometimes more or less depending on airflow and initial lighting.
You can also break the coal into smaller pieces for shorter burns.

Can I use leftover coal?

Yes! Any part that is still black will light, just move any of the blends to the side to avoid torching them.

How much of the Burning Blend should I use?

About a dime size, our shovels provide the perfect scoop each time.

Why is my Burning Blend smoking too much?

Many times, if the coal is really hot, placing the blend directly on top of the coal, will torch the blends causing it to over smoke. Try placing the coal vertically and nestling the blend along the sides, or not even touching. The heat will still burn the blend.