• Incense + Intentions

    What's your intention?
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"It's so beautiful!! Thank you so much for doing what you do."


"I’m absolutely in love with the way it smells and makes me feel ❤️💯"


"Omg, talk about detail! Everything well thought out in even the packaging! With hand written note as well! They all are so beautiful in smell, I can’t choose a favorite. I love this product so much that I bought it for my friend too!"


"Life long customer and friend is what you have in me now.
Keep up the positive energies and many blessing to Lé Trois!"


"Absolutely incredible! The packaging alone was superb, but the products themselves are so elevating."


Redefine your practice.

Incense + Crystals

Burning Blends

Burning Vessels

Ritual Cleansers

Herbal Blends + Teas


Featured Burners

Apothecary Herbs + Resins

Botanical Box

Lè Trois Mycology

Incorporating the ritual into our daily lives.

Life in 3

Lé Trois Apothecary encompasses the power of the 3: the smallest number to create a pattern.
Create healthy patterns in your practice.

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Custom Gift

Whether it's a personal journey or supporting a loved one, a custom blend is a gift of intention. Make an appointment to discuss further.


"May this align with the intentions you seek to set."

Llo + Liz