Ritual Cleanser No.1: Release (Pre-Order)

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No.1: Release
Ylang Ylang, Clove, + Lavender

Our Ritual Cleanser No.1 promotes relaxation, releasing stress, tension, and energy that no longer serves. 

This  2 ounce mix of botanical oils and perfume spritz can be used on the body or in the environment to help shift one into a space of intention.

Suggested usage: One spray in each palm, rub together and take a deep inhale. 

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Customer Reviews

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Graciela Montenegro
where's the 10th star

simply love your product, met at you at a small farmers market in LA. My nephew played in the mariachi and that was the only reason my sister and me drove out there. I purchased one of you spray #1. she loved it so I went back to buy another one for her. I'm almost out and here I am. Definitely going to try your other products. Thank you and much success!

Angela Williams
I'm hooked on Release

The infusion of these 3 scents is incredibly soothing. Inhaling Release truly does prompt feelings of ease and calm. It's the perfect blend for me... I'm hooked.

Md Akibe Hashan
Best Spray you will ever found

I just loved the scent.

Rose Wold
Smells amazing!!!

Saw this at the Melrose trading post and had to call when I got home from vacation to order this heavenly smelling spray. They were fast at getting my order to me and went above and beyond in customer service.

LOVE Le Trois Apothecary!

I was gifted a burner and blends as a housewarming gift when I moved from NYC to LA. It was the best gift I could receive. I practice and set my intentions daily. I had the pleasure of meeting Liz and Lloren and appreciate them both. ALL LOVE!!!