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A master amplifier, Clear Quartz helps in meditation, bringing forth clarity and focus. For those inclined, it can strengthen ones psychic abilities. 

Includes crystal burner, selected Burning Blend, sand noir, 4 coals, and obsidian arrowhead.

Colors and sizes may vary.

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No.1 Balance + Bliss
Top Notes: Cardamon, Rose, & Fennel
Enhancing and expressive, this blends connects with the divine feminine, activating the throat, heart, sacral, and root chakra, balancing both masc and fem energies.

No.2 Purge + Prosper
Top Notes: Sage, Patchouli, Mugwort, & Jasmine
Clearing unwanted energy, this blend resets the vibe bringing forth a prosperous atmosphere while honoring our ancestral guides.

No.3 Light + Lively
Top Notes: Lemongrass, Mint, Eucalyptus, & Juniper
Encouraging new beginnings and manifestation, this energizing blend increases positive moods, communication, and offers protection.

No.4 Rest + Respect
Top Notes: Lavender, Rose, Nag Champa, & Amber
Opening the heart chakra to healing and self-love, this blend works to reduce restless energy and release negativity from the body, creating a calming effect.

No.5 Confident + Centered
Top Notes: Bergamot, Geranium, & Styrax
Confirming and aligning this blend works to open the sacral chakra amplifying the sex center, promoting grounded energy, sacred cleansing, and clarity.

No.6 Intuitive + Innate
Top Notes: Blue Lotus, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, & Yerba Santa
Opening the third eye, this blend is about connecting to your higher consciousness through acts of meditation. While uplifting properties help to facilitate a conversation with self.

Original Collection 
Six 1 oz. bottles
An intentional way to experience the initial six blends and their unique properties in our original size. (Does not include our featured blends*)

Grande Collection
Six 3.5 oz. bottles
For the more experienced, the grande collection offers the initial six blends in our larger size. (Does not include our featured blends*)

Customer Reviews

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Clear Quartz is perfect

I was gifted an Agate Burning Vessel and several blends when I arrive in Los Angeles from NYC. It was truly energy changing. Once I spoke with Liz at Melrose Trading Post and understood how to set my intentions and burn the coal and blends, i tapped into my vibration and have not missed a day of practice. The blends and burners have helped me to adjust to my cross country move and a very demanding job. Allowing me to enhance my morning meditations, manifest my day and move in this space from a place of peace.
With the newest addition, the Clear Quartz, I am opening up my intuition and I may even say my third eye. I am very pleased. Thank you Lloren and Liz. Appreciate you both.