Energy Readings with Ivan

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Energy Readings at Melrose Trading Post

An indigenous practitioner, Ivan channels our ancestral guides through the use of Tarot and other oracle cards. His energy readings are a snapshot of where spirit is, aiding in direction and focus. His various modes of divination invite in your personal energy and the voice of your guides help to relay the messages that need to be heard most. Whether exploring the inner self or looking for answers to our everyday human experiences, his goal is to provide solutions that are for healing, empowerment, and movement forward.

Choose Your Read

Quick Read $25

A snapshot into spirit and a guide into the Burning Blends that can aid. (10-15 min)

    Deeper Read $50

    An in-depth look into spirit, what lies ahead, and a guide to the Burning Blends that can aid. (30 min)


    Readings take place at Melrose Trading Post:
    7850 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046