Botanical Box

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Handcrafted, our custom Botanical Boxes blend plant beauty with plant-powered rituals. Individually tailored, these boxes are a source of inspiration, inviting you to delve into the magic of herbalism in your daily practices.

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What's Inside:

  1. Crystal Burner: Elevate your ambiance with this ethereal crystal burner, adding a touch of mystique to your space.
  2. Burning Blend of Choice: Choose from our curated selection of burning blends, each tailored to evoke a different atmosphere and mood.
  3. 10 Coals: Ensuring a long-lasting, aromatic experience to accompany your moments of relaxation and reflection.
  4. Blend Spoon: Crafted for precision, this spoon ensures the perfect blend every time.
  5. Tube of Sand: A grounding touch to complete your ritual, offering a harmonious connection to the earth.
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