Community Burn

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Incense, Intentions,
+ Community

Community Burn is a 90-minute event to integrate the practice of traditional incense burning, the ritual of smoke cleansing, and meditation. Living intentionally is part of our ethos, and this Full Moon ritual gives us the space to release.

As the moon illuminates the depths of the Scorpio sign, we'll explore our deepest emotions, face our fears, and connect with our inner child.

This is a time to learn, share, and expand your practice.

Guest Healer

      Milan, a Doula, Healer, Yoga Teacher & Retreat Goddess, works with the natural flow of healing energy in the body to restore wellbeing and ease. She will be gently guiding us through movement and meditation allowing our inner child to release and surrender to better receive the magic of this moon.

      The Full Moon

          Full Flower Moon in Scorpio
          Penumbral Lunar
          May 5, 2023, at 1:34 PM EDT 

          During this Full moon, we find the desire to dive deeper into our feelings. This desire can bring intense and transformative energies that may inspire us to confront deep-seated emotions, explore our subconscious, and seek spiritual growth. We are reminded that change is necessary to reach satisfying relationships within our circles and ourselves. Letting go is key. By connecting with our inner child, we have the opportunity to understand our habitual tendencies that are no longer serving us.

          This full moon is coupled with a Penumbral lunar eclipse, which supports this change, encouraging a time for reflection and meditation. Also known as the Flower Moon, as flowers begin to bloom our lives also blossom in abundance.

          What to Expect

            • Sipping Consciousleaf tea to bring forth a relaxing, elevated, lighthearted vibe, while activating the third eye.

            • Setting intentions and engaging in a releasing ceremony.

            • Cleansing while burning a different incense blend to connect with the Full Moon energy and align within.

            • Meditating in a group Energy Reading / Chakra Scan

            • Experiencing the featured guest healer and their modality


            What to Bring 

            • Burning Vessel and any personal tools you like to incorporate.
              • Coals, incense, and other supplemental tools will be provided.
              • If you are new to this practice a burning vessel will be provided as well.

            This is a seated and lying down position, please let us know if you need assistance. 



            Cost: $33

            Duration: 90 min

            Event time: 7:00pm-8:30pm

            Event Date: Saturday May 6th, 2023

            Location: Child's Pose Studio
            2673 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

            Customer Reviews

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            Lydia Nattey
            Amazing Experience!

            I throughly enjoyed every facet of my Community Burn experience. From the moment I walked in, I was instantly incubated by warm and positive energy; talk about instant relaxation!

            Complimentary tea was provided, which tasted absolutely divine (no exaggeration). The facilitation of the event was incredibly well done. Although I was sharing the space with a room full of strangers, I felt completely at home. It was truly incredible! I left the event feeling embraced, centered, and completely at ease.

            I highly recommend this experience to others, and look forward to attending future events curated by Le Trois!