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Incense, Intentions, + Energy Readings

Community Burn is a 60-minute practice of traditional incense burning, the ritual of smoke cleansing, and meditation. We feature a different practitioner evey month as well as a different Burning Blend to help us set intentions, be mindful, and release what no longer serves. A time to learn, share and expand your practice.

AUG. 10th, 2022

In preparation for the August 11th full moon, we will sip Consciousleaf herbal tea, release any unwanted energy during our community burn, and join in a Group Energy Reading with ancestral practitioner Ivan.

Private readings are also available afterward.

Supermoon in Aquarius

Supermoons are extra large and extra bright due to their nearest point to the Earth. This being the last supermoon of the year as well as a sturgeon moon, this lunar phase is known to bring our emotions into overdrive. The full moon in Aquarius may complicate things due to the Aquarian nature to seek emotional freedom, but staying connected with groups, community, friends, and family will bring the support to help you understand your feelings during this time.

More about Ivan 

An indigenous practitioner, Ivan channels our ancestral guides through the use of Tarot and other oracle cards. His energy readings are a snapshot of where spirit is, aiding in direction and focus. His various modes of divination invite in your personal energy and the voice of your guides help to relay the messages that need to be heard most. Whether exploring the inner self or looking for answers to our everyday human experiences, his goal is to provide solutions that are for healing, empowerment, and movement forward.

What to Bring

  • Burning Vessel and any personal tools you like to incorporate.
  • Coals, incense, and other supplemental tools will be provided.
  • If you are new to this practice a burning vessel will be provided as well.



Cost: $39

Duration: 60 min

Event time: 7:15pm

Event Date: Wed 8/10/22

Location: 2673 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

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