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Incense, Intentions,
+ Community

Community Burn is a 60-minute practice of traditional incense burning, the ritual of smoke cleansing, and meditation. We are all about intention setting, and this Full Moon ritual gives us the space to release.

In preparation for February's full moon on the 5th, we will join in a group Sound Bath with local sound healer Michelle Bui.

We feature a different Burning Blend to help us align and be mindful, and sip Consciousleaf tea to brings forth a relaxing, elevated, lighthearted vibe, while activating the third eye.

This is a time to learn, share, and expand your practice.

Full Snow Moon in Leo

The Full Snow Moon is upon us, peaking at 1:30 P.M. EST on Sunday, February 5th. Being the snowiest month of the year, Indigenous cultures also refer to this full moon as the Hungry Moon, or Bone Moon, hence the food scarcity during this cold time. Many associate this full moon with death and regeneration, prioritizing the connection with our ancestors. Other cultures such as the ancient Chinese refer to this full moon as the Budding Moon signifying growth and new beginnings since it falls right after the Lunar New Year. Being a Full Moon in Leo, it's also a time for us to let go of fear of authenticity. We need to recognize how to accept not only admiration but feedback and constructive criticism in order to progress. 

What to Bring

  • Burning Vessel and any personal tools you like to incorporate.
    • Coals, incense, and other supplemental tools will be provided.
    • If you are new to this practice a burning vessel will be provided as well.

This is a seated and lying down position, please let us know if you need assistance. 



Cost: $33

Duration: 60 min

Event time: 6:00pm

Event Date: Saturday Feb. 4th, 2023

Location: Child's Pose Studio
2673 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

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