Lloren + Liz

Through burning we found peace.
Through purpose we found self.
Through 3 we found power.

Lé Trois

Lé Trois was born in a time of chaos. A time when life seemingly stood still and the world was forced to glare into their reflections. As energy shifted beyond control, our spirits craved stability and Lé Trois offered a space for us to strengthen our partnership in life, practice, and purpose. 

From a young age Lloren began blending to express her intuition, while Liz was rockhounding the Utah mountains. Both from a diverse lineage; incense, crystals, and practice become an integral part of their spirituality. Embracing their ancestral guides, the duo utilizes these innate connections to share their healing and serve community.

The 3

Lé Trois honors the power of 3 and it's innate expression of nature. From the moon, sun, and stars, to the mind, body and spirit, 3 is the smallest number needed to create a pattern. For us, in 3 we find reason, rhythm, and ritual. 

Our products are designed to incorporate healthy patterns where we can manifest our innate power, one intention at a time. Making space in your day, we hope our products will align with the intentions you seek to set.